Out and About: Bugfest and Centerfest this weekend!


This weekend brings my work out to a couple of different events this weekend.  Friday night I will be setting up for Centerfest in Durham, NC, to run through the weekend.  This will be my first time out at this event, so I hope for good attendance and a lot of good feedback.  And I am able to show both the Mechanica and Exterminati series as a mixed-media artist; it’s nice to be able to show the public your range as an artist. For more information on Centerfest, check out the event site here.

While I am at Centerfest, the lovely Anne-Marie will be taking some of the bugs to Bugfest in Raleigh, NC.  Trying to sort out who takes what to what event has been interesting, but the Exterminati were definitely a hit last year at Bugfest.  For more info on the Bugfest, and how to get there, visit the official Bugfest site here.


Upcoming: Next week I am off to the Riverclay Festival in Alabama.


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