Late Summer Update: Cary’s Lazy Daze, Kidzart, and more….


We’re nearing the 3/4 mark on the year, and it’s time to recap and talk about what’s ahead. Lots to talk about!

Up next in shows and exhibits is one of our favourite local shows, Lazy Daze in Cary, NC. Though it’s usually blazingly hot outside, Jason and myself have had success at Lazy Daze, and it is a well-run show with historically good attendance. I will be bringing out the ever-popular Exterminati series, and maybe a couple of surprises – we’ll see :). Jason will be showing his abstract naturalist watercolour, with not only his first series available, but also the second instalment with a few new cheeky surprises of his own. I know he and I had both discussed monsters at length, so he should have some interesting things hanging in his booth. Lazy Daze is free to enter, but you can find out all you need to know here:

I have also started the last piece in the “Heart Like a Wheel” series. This series has been so fun; I’ve always had a love of engines and all things automotive, and after I bought my first tube guitar preamp, a Mesa Boogie VTwin, I developed a fascination for the vtwin motorcycle engine. So I decided to experiment with one of my favourite themes, industrial biomechanics, and fuse that with the beautiful lines of the fabled vtwin. I have produced 11 paintings so far, and have started the last one in the series, and hope to finish it before the week is out. It is, on the whole, a smaller series, both in number and in relative size; however, I find a great deal of fun in it, and I am very proud of the work.

I have also started planning and executing the next series after “Heart..”, and even one painting in this new collection has reached completion, and has received a warm reception. Expanding on the historic aspect of the inspiration for the Exterminati, I have decided to take a painterly diversion into the fantastic creatures and destructive harbingers of world mythology; I call it, “Bestiary of Entropy,” and I hope the rest of the series will enjoy the favour of the first painting.

And now to the last of our recent developments – I have taken an Instructor position with a program called Kidzart. Some of you may have heard of it, but a little background always helps. I have always wanted to teach, and given the seasonal and volatile nature of the exhibit and show Economy it seemed that now was as good a time as any to fill in some gaps on my artistic journey. Kidzart is a national program whose mantra is that any individual, given the tools and most basic instruction could create beauty if given safe, “no wrong” environment and instruction. I will be working with kids of all ages, and will even be able to delve into more advanced techniques with adolescents and adults. It looks to be a wonderful step to progress into, as one of the chief missions of Zendustria has always been one of mentorship. I am truly excited about the possibilities.

Well I think that about wraps it on recent developments. I’ll be back shortly with an updated list of our fall shows – where they are, when they’re happening, and who you might see there from the House of Monkeys. Cheers!


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