First month of the Fall season wrap, and preview of Lazy Days in Cary


We’d planned on taking the summer off to work on new collections and pieces, and to recover from a busy spring. However, in mid-July we found ourselves at the Destination Dix Festival in Raleigh, NC, for a day.  It was the inaugural year for the festival, and boy was it hot!  There was a lot of great food there, and a lot of local talent, as well as a fun family atmosphere. It was a blistering hot day, though, as Jason Williams and I had a booth on the artist row there, and wanted only a large fan. I had the final three pieces of the “Trundlebug” miniseries from the biomechanical Exterminati, to a good reception. We look forward to seeing what the festival becomes in the next couple of years.

Next up was our first appearance at Art in the Park at Blowing Rock, NC this season, and Jason’s first appearance there overall. We had an excellent weekend, with both Jason and I seeing original work leave the stables.  Always nice to see a piece find a happy home.

Anne-Marie and I shifted gears and travelled to Chicago the next week for a four-day Wizard World ComiCon debut of the Mechanica series of prints and paintings.  There were big changes in the Convention this year, and whether or not it was a good thing for Artist Alley is still up for debate. But it was awesome to see the overall positive response to this vastly different material, which previously had had only a limited debut in 2004. The series has greatly expanded since then, and has gone in some interesting directions, with pieces building on one another to form a fairly cohesive series. The Con also landed some commission work, including two onsite renderings of every Star Wars fan’s favourite bounty hunter, as well as starting a small gender-bent Avengers collection of original drawings. it was a fun time – exhausting in every way possible, but fun.

This weekend, 8/26-8/28, we stay local with Jason and I heading to Lazy Days in Cary, NC. Last year was an awesome time, and we look forward to this year’s event. It will feature art, music and a host of food, in a lovely laid-back family setting in upscale Cary, NC. Check out the official Lazy Daze site for more info.


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