Spotlight: the 61st Annual St. James Court Art Show


Tucked into my hotel for the night just outside Louisville, KY, and I will be back out early in the morning to finish setup. Setup for what, you might ask?

Why, for the 61st Annual St. James Court Art Show! The festival is held in the 4th Street area of Historic Old Louisville, and there are a ton of talented artists and craftspeople out there. The Art Show runs from Oct. 6-8, beginning at 10am Friday. Weather overall looks like it will be favorable, and the temperature is supposed to be very mild for this time of year. Loads better than the snow reported from years past!

I will be there as a Mixed Media 2D artist, in Booth FS 727. I have a selection of the paintings and drawings from the Exterminati series, colorful abstract paintings, and even some of my digitally composited Mixed Media works.

Looks like it will be a great show, with a lot of regular artists returning, including last year’s Best in Show, my neighbor, milliner Sarah Havens. If you are in the area, stop by and say hi, and maybe even take home some beautiful additions for your inner spaces. Hope to see you there!


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