2nd Sunday mARTket


The fine people at Artsplosure have decided to start a monthly art market in downtown Raleigh at City Market.  We did our first show there on 7/12/15 and had a great time.  It was the soft opening of the series of events.  I’m sure next month will be even better.  We are currently slated to have John and Jason showing on 8/9/15.  There is great food, music, dance, stuff for the kids, and of course amazing art!  Come out and see us next month!


A Brewing Horizon by Jason Williams

CH0R1N34 by John Elliott


2nd Sunday mARTket

From the website:

“In partnership with Hakan Properties, Artsplosure will organize an art market every second Sunday in downtown Raleigh’s historic City Market.

Artsplosure is bringing its expertise to a series of warm weather month art and craft markets in downtown Raleigh. The first “Second Sunday City mARTket Fair” will take place on Sunday, August 9th, from 11 a.m. through 6 p.m. in City Market located at 215 Wolfe Street, Raleigh.

Artsplosure is known for its annual namesake spring festival that draws thousands to downtown Raleigh. A major feature of its spring festival is the juried Art Market, which features the talents of visual artists and fine crafters from North Carolina and nationally. The experimental “Second Sunday” fair will be similar but on a smaller scale, featuring from 20 to 40 mostly local artists in the market.

Artsplosure encourages the public to visit its market while in downtown each second Sunday of the month. This free-to-the-public art market will feature a jury-reviewed range of artists selling unique arts and crafts from painting, jewelry, woodworks and more.”


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