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We are happy to be welcoming another talented visual artist into our crew, a Mr. Jason Williams. Like most of here at Zendustria, he is both an artist and world traveler, having served in the US Navy, but who now calls Cedar Grove, NC home, and you can now also find him on zendustria.etsy.com!

There was never a time when Jason wasn’t creating or exposed to visual art.  It was always there around him, cluttered in every corner of the homes of his childhood.  It was simply what one did where he came from.  We can thank this environment for his prolific amount of art, and his ability to improvise.  By middle school, he had already garnered regional recognition as a promising young artist, selling a sculpture for $1500 while attending Ligon Middle School in the “Pieces of Gold” fundraiser auction.

Anyone that knows Jason knows that he is an artist.  He’s one of those guys that you can just look at and tell he’s spent days forgetting to eat or sleep, covered in paint or plaster, trying to produce an accurate manifestation of an idea on paper, canvas, or in three dimensions.  He looks to the world around him for inspiration, and Jason finds nothing more inspiring than nature, and this is reflected in his art.  He enjoys working with water color because of his desire to capture or imply movement, traits which waterolor has specific inherent abilities to communicate in the hands of a skilled painter.

Jason’s newest endeavor has been the establishment of a 1 acre homestead and farm with his wife Dara, and two daughters, Zoe and Sophia.  His ultimate goal is to establishment of a sustainable food bearing ecosystem.  In his free time, he spends every possible moment he’s not painting (mostly) contentedly working in his garden.

His connection to nature and to his garden are most evident in his first series for Zendustria, “The Garden,” on zendustria.etsy.com!


Current Series – 

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4 thoughts on “Jason Williams: Fine Artist/Watercolourist

    • Fernandalucia

      Well here I am~ a day late and a dollar short. I just found you. I feel like I hit the joacpkt. What beautiful work. I too would like to see the process of one of your paintings. You mentioned water colors and acrylics. What type of paper? What do you draw your working pic with? Pencil? And how do you get the white on the ends of the feathers? eeeeek..sorry, I’m just so impressed and loving it. Are your flowers layered with watercolor? Oh, I hope you’ll be able to answer. Thank you so much.xos,janet

      • admin Post author

        Hey thank you for your interest in In my work. My work is done only in watercolors And I use A mixed medium paper.The papers tough enough to handle me erasing the pencil that I use In the drawing.After that it’s like coloring in a watercolor coloring book. It took a little time to get used to how the watercolor moved so that I can layer in different colors.I use nature and the sea as inspiration for my drawings.I hope this answers some of your questions.

        Thank you again for your interest in my artwork.