Ian Wilson: Artist, Writer, and Staff Photographer

Zendustria is very happy to welcome my oldest friend and a wonderfully talented artist, fine art photographer, and writer onboard in J. Ian Wilson, a man I have known since grade school, a long time ago in a small town far, far away, but who now calls the Raleigh, NC area home. You can check him out in the following places, and will soon be able find and purchase prints of his work on zendustria.etsy.com:







A born traveler, Ian has always loved visiting any place he has never been to before, often by the most scenic route. However, as any artist will tell you, the best inspiration may be found in the most out-of-the-way places. He caught the photography bug as a kid, and was fascinated by the process of capturing and then sharing a visual memory. The son of a visual artist, art and creation is in his blood, so he began taking art classes in middle school and continued through high school. He considered the process of manual image creation – drawing, painting, and sculpture – the best thing he could possibly do to develop his understanding of photography and the play of light on a subject.

As a teenager he explored the North Carolina mountains, deeply yearning to share the natural beauty tucked into the valleys and folds of Western North Carolina with others. For young Master Wilson, photography was the obvious medium for this mission. By his early 20’s, his desire to create art merged with his need to document and share found beauty.

At the risk of sounding pretentious, his inspiration is light. Having worked with Ian in live production for over a decade and having seen his lighting design for live, taped, and photographed production work, I know this to indeed be the case. But when considering the camera as a tool, in my own film work and in the case of still fine art photography, the photographer’s medium is light. Ian had this to say on the subject:

“The medium is not film, not the camera, nor the model, nor the landscape. It is light. Light is what draws me in. Light shows the beauty. Light reveals the truth and the lies and everything in-between. Light itself is beauty. It is an energy that I am always chasing.” Well said.

Ian says he has no desire to become a “professional photographer.” Though he has sold prints of his stellar work (and, as any artist, would love to sell more), he would simply like for his work to help offset the relatively high cost of photography as a hobby. His real goal is the same as that of all artists: He wants his work to make an impact on people.

When not traveling and capturing the world in his lens, Ian writes, both fiction and non-fiction work. He also has three kids to chase, with help from his awesome wife. As if all this wasn’t enough, he has a daytime secret identity as an engineer for a software company, specializing in Business Intelligence.

Be sure to check out Ian’s work, and check the Zendustria store regularly for new prints of his fine art photography work! We’re certainly glad he’s on our side!

Current Series – The Emerald Dream

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