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Back in 2002 we started Zendustria with the idea of combining a “zen” or common sense approach to a wide variety of design ideals – graphic design, industrial design, sculpture, painting, interior design – all with a user-centered, ergonomic approach, but rooted in the finest traditions of art history. We started with a rather bohemian and eclectic collection of artists and designers, and through the first few projects, flushed out our identity. Not so much a firm or agency (though we accept contracts and commissions), in the traditional sense, but more accurately, a modern, neo-Renaissance guild of artists, artisans, and creative professionals who follow one mantra: We are far more awesome together than we are alone. And, I mean, have you talked to any of these guys? They’re pretty awesome. Just sayin’.

Now nearly thirteen years later, our founders have amassed a wealth of other projects and experience, ranging from logos to branding, to publicity packages, posters, t-shirts, web development, to project management and game development, and we are focused on bringing our own original creations to you.

Our shop, www.zendustria.etsy.com, features fine art prints, original paintings, sculptures, custom fixtures and furnishings in wood and metal, and even the ability to commission work, if you see something in a style you like but not exactly what you want.

Overall, we are a mishmash of people, experience, travel, skills, and talents.  But we find that in the mashing of that mish, we find a sense of artistic fellowship and completion, whereby we find a bit of that which we may find lacking in ourselves artistically, either in breadth or depth of experience in the others.

You can find more on our “legalese” for commissions, ownership of intellectual property, and all that happy stuff at on this page:

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